Why Social Matters


Through my semester-long Twitter and Instagram assingment for #PURE3600SP14 I was able to gain a deeper appreciation for social media platforms from both a personal perspective as was as a public relations perspective. The world of social media is constantly developing and becoming ever more prevalent in the work world. Hundreds of articles and blog posts exist discussing this, such as one found here.

Twitter is great for sharing thoughts, ideas and events. It is no longer a way for people to just connect with friends; it can be used for networking, or for brand development and management. I created a Twitter page for MU Senior Week, which has been utilized for promoting events and getting seniors excited about the week of festivities.

SWblogtweetThis is just one example of how twitter can be used to engage with a target audience.

Instagram is excellent for providing people with a window into your world and visually share with them what is going on. This is a perfect tool for companies to promote events. I find it more appropriate for connecting with people on a personal level. I’ve used Instagram to show more of what’s going on in my life, the food I make, and the time I share with friends and family. It’s amazing all that can be done with social media, and I’m so glad I had this chance to experience it on a whole new level.


Final Screw Shift

Final Screw Shift

As a Desk Receptionist, screw shifts are the greatest dread we have. From day one of training, we’re all told how these shifts are a necessary evil. They span either 5 or 7 hours in the evening on weekend nights and early mornings. Each DR is required to work four of these shifts, and our staff assigns them based on a random lottery. They are undesirable for obvious reasons, including long hours, late nights/early mornings and an inability to enjoy your weekend with firnds. However, my last screw shift was possibly the best shift I’ve ever had. My old boss Jimmy stopped by, as well as all of my closest DR friends. We heard Jimmy was coming into town from Oklahoma, and he promised to visit. So I called up my co-workers and they headed over. We waited, steeped in anticipation, for his arrival. When he got there we all burst out in excitement. We sat around chatting about the good ole days and swapping stories until it was time for everyone to leave.  It was an amazing way to end my time at Abbottsford! #PURE3600SP14

MU Basketball

MU Basketball

As a school with a division 1 basketball team, bball is clearly a huge part of the Marquette culture. Our student section is renowned as one of the best in the country, and our school spirit is unparalleled. Our website for the sport is fantastic, and can be found here.

This picture is of my friend Megan and me. We are at a Marquette home game sitting in the infamous student section. After sitting in the same section for almost four years, it was a bitter-sweet moment to realize it would be the last game I went to as a Marquette student. Even though we lost, it was an exciting, energetic and nail-biting game. What a great way to end the legacy!

The Power of Partnerships – A Look at Harley-Davidson

In this day-and-age you can never underestimate the power of quality partnerships. Harley-Davidson has shown just how successful they can be, both by partnering with other organizations as well as giving back by supporting multiple foundations. Just this last year Harley-Davidson was involved in a key partnership with the Miller Corporation – specifically the Miller High Life brand.  For the 110th anniversary celebration in Milwaukee, Miller and Harley collaborated to make a unique batch of the Miller High Life beers. This batch of beer featured H-D designs on both the packaging and the cans. This collaboration celebrated their similar ideals, shared past and promising futures.  The partnership will last multiple years, and surely be an asset to both companies.

Harley-Davidson also works hard to support various foundations, such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Disabled American Veterans.  Their mission is to help out and support the communities where they work, thereby improving the lives of their stakeholders. They strive to help foundations that fall under the categories of education, health and the environment.  They have also supported the YMCA of the metro Milwaukee area as well as the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Partnerships like these show Harley-Davidsons commitment to the communities that they are a part of, and not only do they help Harley with building their brand and establishing themselves as an integral part of society, but they allow Harley to give back and improve the world around them. These partnerships are a lesson for anyone working in PR and Marketing; they truly show the power that partnerships have the capability to achieve.  

College Hosts “Coal and Wind in China’s Inner Mongolia” A Presentation That Addresses Climbing Carbon Emissions in China

The O’Brien Fellowship in Public Service Journalism hosted a multimedia presentation about energy sources used in Mongolia.  It featured Hal Berton, a Seattle Times reporter, and Zhu Ye, a graduate student in Marquette’s Diederich College of Communication. 
Hal Bernton, recipient of the Gerald R. Ford Prize for national defense reporting in 2013, and a Pulitzer finalist in 2003 for his work with other Seattle Times reporters on “The Terrorist Within.”
  • The event took place at 4 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 12 in the jPad of Marquette’s Johnston Hall. 
  • It was open to students, faculty and staff of Marquette University. 
  • ​The presentation included a slide show documenting the trip to Mongolia taken by Bernton and Ye. 
  • It discussed the extent of pollution in those areas, and the effects it had. 
  • They highlighted various stories of people they came in contact with, including a former coal worker who abandoned that life to live on a wind farm. 


A Mongolian man depicted at a wind farm. 


Coal mining in China

The College of Communications

The Diederich College of Communication, now one of the top in the nation, is dedicated to educating students about the exciting and ever-changing field of communications. We offer a variety of ways for students to gain knowledge and skills and utilize their talents. Launched in 2013, the O’Brien Fellowship works to bring professional journalists to campus each year to present to students.

“The slideshow journey showed how carbon emissions have skyrocketed. We hope to start a movement to lessen emissions and the negative impact they are having,” Bernton said. 

Check out the Fellowship’s page to find out more! http://marquette.edu/comm/obrien-fellowship/

For more information, contact Info Mary Hurrell, Public Relations Director at (630)-555-1234, mary.hurrell@email.com

Uses and Gratifications

The world of Public Relations encompasses a wide array of communication theories, each of which are important in their own right. The Uses and Gratifications theory is one of my favorites, because I find that it informs one of the most important aspects of public relations writing. The theory centers on the concept that people are active, selective users of media based on their needs. So, in practice, PR practitioners must find out how and why people use media and media messages before they start writing.

This is an important concept to understand before writing any public relations material, because a main tenant of PR writing is to appropriately use the mediums that will most effectively reach your target audience, as well as be appropriate for the message you are sending and your objectives. If not, you could end up sending out a message to the wrong people on the wrong forum, and your message would ultimately be lost and your objectives would not be achieved. 

Writing Is…Can…Will

Writing is…

Writing to me is about expressing ideas, thoughts, feelings, or concepts. It is a way to communicate what you think to others in a concrete semi-permanent way. The beauty of writing is that it gives people the ability to express themselves. Writing is multifaceted; it can be used for pleasure, or it can serve important functions like spreading important news. It is a way for people to connect with one another and share stories thoughts and ideas. It is a universal tool that creates endless possibilities.

Writing can…

Writing can bridge gaps between societies, cultures and various peoples. It can allow people to unleash their creativity. Writing can take people to places they’ve never been before, and transform the world around us.

Writing will…

Writing has been around for centuries, and it has been in a constant state of change and transformation. From paintings on cave walls to script handwritten by monks, from the printing press to typewriters and computers – the way we write is constantly developing. The current trend seems to have switched to a fast-paced, short and concise way of sending out messages – mostly electronically based – but writing will by no means dissipate out of existence.

One thing is for certain, writing will always be an essential part of human life.